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Hello lovely internet strangers! I created this community to share YouTube channel updates, my random thoughts, and plans for future projects. I also wanted to create a place where we can have discussions without YouTube deleting comments. In the future, I hope to offer exclusive content. In the meantime, welcome to my internet lounge.

This is a community for free thinkers who don’t fit neatly into boxes. Just be respectful, and we’ll be five by five.

If you’re new, I’m a former intersectional feminist, social justice leftist, and publishing industry insider, and a current libertarian, free speech absolutist, & personal responsibility advocate. In my videos, I critique feminism & the modern left, review feminist books, expose the woke publishing industry, and give non-woke perspective on media. I also share stories from my ongoing intellectual journey.

Community Guidelines

Please respect the following community guidelines to maintain an enjoyable environment:

  • Keep conversation respectful, without personal attacks
  • Don’t blow up other members’ feeds. If someone isn’t responding to you, let it be
  • No pornography
  • Keep out behavior that could be seen as trolling/spamming
  • Relax, be yourself, and enjoy

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